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VIDEO:ABC News Sarasota plaement coverage I VIDEO:ABC News Sarasota plaement coverage II The Cremationist: Unique Trends in Personal Memorialization New York Post: Over my dead body Coastal Business Life: A Living Legacy NBC Miami: Families Using Dead Loved Ones to Create Reefs Miami Herald: Reef balls permit unusual burials for people, turtle Brunswick News Today: […]

Eternal Reefs, The Greening of Religion

The Sundance Channel has produced programming entitled “Big Ideas For A Small Planet, The Greening of Religion”. It is an important program showing the leadership many organized religions are demonstrating regarding the importance of being good stewards of Planet Earth. One of the areas covered by the program is the ability of religions to help […]

Discovery Channel

This Discovery Channel Special still airs from time to time and explains what Eternal Reefs is about. It also shows the way we used to place the reefs, a floating deployment. Don and George are in this segment where Don explains how the Eternal Reefs concept was formed.

Fox News

Artificial Reefs Used as Living Memorials Artificial reefs have been around for decades. But, for the first time in Galveston, they are being used a living memorials. Eternal Reef offers the heavy concrete structures to families to personalize. Read More