On Eternal Patrol Memorial Reef

on eternal patrol memorial reef Memorial Day 2018 The “On Eternal Patrol Memorial Reef” is the first-ever undersea memorial of its kind and will be made of 66 reef balls to honor the crews of all 66 U.S. manned submarines that never returned and remain On Eternal Patrol, and one reef ball representing the crews and […]

“On Eternal Patrol Memorial Reef” to honor 66 lost U.S. submarines

As Veterans Day approaches, Eternal Reefs, Inc., a Sarasota-based 501c3 memorial organization, in partnership with Reef Innovations and The Reef Ball Foundation, announces plans to create the “On Eternal Patrol Memorial Reef.” The new underwater reef will be a collection of 67 reef balls representing the first ever undersea memorial to honor the crews of […]

Non-profit Status for Eternal Reefs, an Ocean Memorial Company

The eco-company which takes a person’s cremated remains and incorporates them into a reef ball deployed to the ocean floor thus replenishing the coral reefs and offering families a permanent ocean memorial secured 501c3 status at the beginning of 2017, becoming a not-for-profit organization operating under the name The Genesis Reef Project dba Eternal Reefs.  […]

Eternal Reefs, The Greening of Religion

The Sundance Channel has produced programming entitled “Big Ideas For A Small Planet, The Greening of Religion”. It is an important program showing the leadership many organized religions are demonstrating regarding the importance of being good stewards of Planet Earth. One of the areas covered by the program is the ability of religions to help […]

Eternal Reefs is Leading the Initiative on Green Burials at Sea

Eternal Reefs is Leading the Initiative on Green Burials at Sea

Eternal Reefs is leading the initiative on green burials. Traditional burial and cremation methods take a serious toll on the environment. Cemeteries use up valuable water on their lush lawns, as well as liberally spray pesticides, and use pollution-producing lawn mowers to keep things looking neat and tidy. Fortunately, there are now alternatives. Eternal Reefs […]