Advance Planning with the Living Legacy Program

One of the greatest gifts you can give friends, family, and yourself, is to discuss and clearly communicate your end of life plans before you can no longer advocate for yourself. And then to put those plans in writing. Families come to us at all phases of grief and confusion and those that have clearly communicated end of life plans are far better off. Thus, we firmly believe such communication is a great gift. But it’s not only our opinion, consider just this one quote from an award-winning, best-selling American author.

“Have a conversation with your family about your end-of-life wishes while you are healthy. No one wants to have that discussion… but if you do, you’ll be giving your loved ones a tremendous gift, since they won’t have to guess what your wishes would have been, and it takes the onus of responsibility off of them.” ~Jodi Picoult

At the time of need, having your wishes planned in advance removes much guesswork and heartache from your family and loved ones.

With this understanding, Eternal Reefs created the Living Legacy Program (LLP) to easily cover Eternal Reef final expenses (excluding cremation) thus, allowing you peace of mind about your final wishes. With a single pay-in-full payment, the LLP allows you and your family to lock in the cost of your future Eternal Reef at today’s donation levels. Because Eternal Reef is a 501c3 non-profit organization, you are eligible to receive a tax deduction for the cost of your Eternal Reefs Memorial once you have funded it.

In addition, Eternal Reefs has a program for those who wish or need to make payments for their future memorial. This program is managed independently from Eternal Reefs, is designed to accept payments and provides a 501c3 charitable tax deduction at the time of need.

For more information on Eternal Reefs programs, please email or phone 1-888-423-7333.

Please note, the Eternal Reefs LLP does not guarantee any specific location for any future reef to be deployed. The nature of reef building requires the use of permits that periodically expire, and Eternal Reefs cannot commit to any specific location until the time of need.

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The Conversation Project
The Conversation Project offers tools and strategies to start and complete the often difficult and awkward discussions with family and friends about end of life hopes, dreams, desires and plans.

Five Wishes
Five Wishes offers complete planning documents that cover everything from the time someone can no longer advocate for themselves to how they want to be cared for at the end of life. Much easy-to-use legal advice is contained here and specifics are provided understandably, including the varied requirements of states, healthcare organizations and considerations of community and faith-based groups.