Eternal Reefs & Donation Levels

Any of our Eternal Reefs can be used for an individual memorial.

Eternal Reefs - AquariusAquarius Eternal Reef
Approximately 2′ high by 3′ wide
550-700 lbs.
The most compact of our reefs, the Aquarius is an excellent complement to the larger structures and is ideal to attract the smaller varieties of sea life. The Aquarius is designed for the remains of one person and a family pet.
Eternal Reefs - NautilusNautilus Eternal Reef
Approximately 3′ high by 3′ wide
1500-1800 lbs.
Our Nautilus is the key building block of a complete reef system. These reefs provide excellent habitats for all types of sea life. The Nautilus can accommodate up to two sets of remains and is also frequently used for individuals and their pets.
Eternal Reefs - MarinerMariner Eternal Reef
Approximately 4′ high by 5’6″ wide
3800-4000 lbs.
The largest of our reefs, the Mariner stands out as a pinnacle of the reef and attracts the larger species of sea life. The Mariner can accommodate up to four sets of remains and is frequently used for spouses or family members to be together. (Please Note: the Mariner is only available at our Sarasota projects.)
Eternal Reefs Unattended
The Eternal Reefs Unattended program facilitates a personal ocean memorialization even if circumstances prevent you and other loved ones from attending the actual events. A unique option, Eternal Reefs will receive the remains, our staff will cast the Eternal Reef as well as complete the placement and dedication, in lieu of any family participation.
$4,000 Aquarius
$5,000 Nautilus
$8,000 Mariner

Private Placements

Eternal Reefs may be able to arrange for private placements in our Sarasota or Ft. Lauderdale/Miami locations. Please contact us for pricing and details at 1-888-423-7333 or [email protected].

What is included with an Eternal Reef

  • The Eternal Reef of your choice.
  • Family participation in the casting, dedication and placement. (Not included with Eternal Reefs Unattended.)
  • A bronze plaque with inscription.
  • The inclusion of the cremated remains into the Eternal Reef (Includes normal sized house pets. Some limitations apply).
  • Transportation of the Eternal Reef to the reef site.
  • The final placement and dedication of the Eternal Reef.
  • A GPS survey to record the specific longitude and latitude of the Eternal Reef.
  • Two Eternal Reefs Memorial Certificates displaying your Eternal Reefs GPS location.
The only cost not included with the purchase of an Eternal Reef is the cost of the family boat to witness the placement and dedication of the reef.*

*One of the very best things we offer families is the opportunity to boat out to see their loved one’s Eternal Reef be deployed to its final resting spot. Obviously, there are many logistics for a successful day on the ocean so, to provide the best experience for everyone, we can no longer provide a refund if an individual cancels for any reason once the boat ride has been purchased.
However, if Eternal Reefs cancels the boat ride (usually a result of weather), we will make a full refund for the canceled trip. In the rare case when the reefs cannot be deployed but we can still boat families to the reef site, we will provide a refund for those who choose not to take that boat trip. And remember, now with our new live streaming capability, anyone can join us remotely to view all our activities in real time.

People and Pets

Pet Heaven
The single most frequent request we receive is about creating an Eternal Reef for a family pet. We know firsthand how connected and important pets become in our lives, and we understand how much their passing can affect us.
While we are always willing to create Eternal Reefs for pets, we suggest that families consider holding on to their pet’s remains until their own time comes. All reefs we place in the ocean must meet the same regulatory requirements, therefore we need to charge the same amount for a pet as we do for a person.
By holding onto the remains of furry family member(s), your Eternal Reef may include your pet’s remains at no additional cost (some limitations apply). You and your beloved pet(s) can be together for eternity and we find pet-lovers take great solace in this idea.
It is rare that we have a placement without at least one family member and their beloved companion(s).