Arlington of the Sea

Eternal Reefs has provided military funeral honors and created memorial reefs for hundreds of veterans since we began our organization in 1998. Over time, we were constantly asked if there was a memorial reef site for veterans who prefer a reef memorial who also want to be recognized in a national cemetery.

Arlington of the Sea is our response.

It’s a concept memorial reef at this point, but we are collecting support. Arlington of the Sea will be a memorial choice for those veterans who wish to continue their service with a green memorial that will help to preserve, protect and enhance the marine environment for future generations.

underwater reef balls with American flags draped over them

It is designed to replicate the visual impact of the headstones found in our national veteran cemeteries, with all the memorial reefs arranged in organized rows and columns on the ocean floor, all facing out to sea. It will serve as a meaningful memorial for our nation’s veterans and, as such, offer a dignified environmental memorial making a permanent contribution for future generations.

Arlington of the Sea will provide all the dignity, honor and respect for veterans, yet will require:

  • No land acquisition
  • No land development
  • No infrastructure construction
  • No long-term maintenance

Arlington of the Sea was introduced at the 25-year anniversary celebration for Eternals Reefs on November 11, 2023. At that time, we also celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the On Eternal Patrol Memorial Reef, the first and only ocean memorial to the 65 lost United States submarines and more than 4,000 officers and crew who remain forever “on eternal patrol.”

On Eternal Patrol Memorial Reef is the demonstration project to show the U.S. Veterans Administration the value of creating a national veteran’s memorial reef site as part of the national veterans cemetery network.

Access an Arlington of the Sea video.

To learn more about Arlington of the Sea or express your support, please contact Eternal Reefs at [email protected] or 888-423-7333.