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And finally… In the US, one company has come up with an ingenious way of getting the public involved with artificial reef creation. Eternal Reef, Inc has introduced Memorial Reefs as a proactive way to encourage growth of the marine ecosystem. By blending a persons ashes into a specially designed reef unit using the reef […]

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Eternal Reefs will mix your ashes with concrete and turn you into an artificial reef on the ocean floor Cremation is all the rage in the funerary world, accounting for one-fourth of U.S. interments in the year 2000-a number expected to rise by another 15 percent in the next 10 years. Consequently, alternative cremation services […]

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My Green Heaven Burial Alternatives Break New — or No — Ground Stephen Emery pulled himself slowly down the motorboat’s anchor chain, 20 feet to the dark bottom of Florida’s Sarasota Bay. Above, the choppy waters had made the two-mile ride bumpy and mucked up the water, but as he touched bottom the visibility cleared […]

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Idea floated for memorial at sea Atlanta firm proposes creating a man-made reef that would honor victims of terrorist attack An Atlanta company wants to create a memorial to the World Trade Center terrorist attack victims by building an offshore reef designed to attract and shelter sea life for hundreds of years to come. Read […]

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Dear Departed Are Bringing Life to the Seashore Lynne Lamb Bryant consigned her late husband to the warm, jade-colored waters of the Gulf of Mexico last week, after electing to have his remains made into oceanfront property. None of us, it has been said famously, is an island. But a man or woman now can […]

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Deep-Sixing Your Ashes If the thought of spending eternity in a satin-lined box in the ground gives you the willies, you may like Eternal Reefs’ aqueous option. Eternal Reefs incorporates cremated remains into artificial reefs for those who like the idea of becoming one with the ocean. Company president Don Brawley said that Eternal Reefs’ […]