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Cremated remains turned into living monument in artificial reefs Joyce Yoder wanted a living monument to her husband William’s memory and, off the coast of South Padre Island, she is getting her wish. The remains of Bill Yoder will become part of an artificial reef’s underwater life, seven miles off the southernmost tip of the […]


Personalizing Your Final Resting Place Long gone are the days when a funeral meant a wake by an open casket followed by a somber good-bye at a cemetery. For the past decade, unconventional baby boomers have been driving a new trend in the $9 billion industry–extreme personalization. It used to be that the dearly departed […]

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Baby boomers remaking once-stodgy funeral industry To celebrate the opening of its newest location, Bennett Funeral Home threw open its doors to the nonmoribund public, inviting families to “come join the fun” at an open house with music, food, and tours. About 60 people, including parents accompanied by young children, turned out for the silver-platter […]

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How to be a Coral Reef Don’t want to be put in an urn, buried or shot into space after you die? How about sleeping with the fishes? Eternal Reefs of Atlanta now have a service for divers that who after death can be at one with the see.

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And finally… In the US, one company has come up with an ingenious way of getting the public involved with artificial reef creation. Eternal Reef, Inc has introduced Memorial Reefs as a proactive way to encourage growth of the marine ecosystem. By blending a persons ashes into a specially designed reef unit using the reef […]

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Eternal Reefs will mix your ashes with concrete and turn you into an artificial reef on the ocean floor Cremation is all the rage in the funerary world, accounting for one-fourth of U.S. interments in the year 2000-a number expected to rise by another 15 percent in the next 10 years. Consequently, alternative cremation services […]