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Artificial Reefs Used as Living Memorials Artificial reefs have been around for decades. But, for the first time in Galveston, they are being used a living memorials. Eternal Reef offers the heavy concrete structures to families to personalize. Read More

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From the BBC: A new way to bury people at sea is becoming more popular in the US. Families use their loved one’s ashes to build an artificial reef which is then dropped into the sea as a new home for marine life. With so many natural fish habitats having been destroyed the organisers say […]


At The End Of Life, Remains Become Reefs As a Chicago woman commits her husband to the sea, his ashes — mixed with concrete — begin a new existence as an artificial reef. It’s not a burial, it’s not a cremation. It’s a memorial reef ball. People come to Florida for all sorts of reasons. […]